Just another love poem

I got my pencil and a piece of paper. I started writing another love poem just for you. I went to the library and remembered those days. Memories flashed altogether when I used… Continue reading

Dear Mr. Chips

I miss the feeling. It’s been almost seven months since that faithful day when I made that difficult decision to finally stay away from you, something that I should have done a very… Continue reading

Because I’m stressed

I know I’m making a fun out of myself. But hey, this is what I do to cope up with all the stressful elements around me. HAHA! 😀 NO NEGATIVITY HERE PLEASE! Thank you! 😀

Vinyl: Interns Edition

My internship experience 🙂 Special thanks to Raine Calucag for the photos and Kim Pauig for proofreading. Just click the picture to see the post:

Swiper no swiping

It’s hard to forget something especially if it has infiltrated your system already–like love. Kidding (on the last two words that is)! Hurriedly making my way to the office to make it in… Continue reading

Protected: Password

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Yesterday randomness

Inside a jeepney, along Sucat Kuya driver: O pakibilisan na lang po ang baba Me: Kuya, pwedeng patabi dun sa gilid? Baka mahuli po akong jaywalking dito e. Kuya driver: Hindi yan bilisan… Continue reading


I don’t know. I really don’t know. Should I know? Why would I know? Do you really think I should know? Why don’t you know it? Why are you denying to know it?… Continue reading